NRN Status


NRN Status

A person is Non-resident Nepali (NRN) who is either a foreign citizen of Nepalese origin or a Nepalese citizen residing abroad. Article 14 of the Constitution of Nepal makes provision of NRN citizenship of Nepal. It states that NRN citizenship may be so granted to a person who has acquired the citizenship of a foreign country, has resided in a country other than a member state of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, and who or whose father or mother, grandfather or grandmother was previously a citizen of Nepal by decent or birth but subsequently acquired the citizenship of the foreign country that such person may enjoy economic, social and cultural rights in accordance with the Federal law.

Foreign citizen of Nepalese Origin:

It means a person who him/herself or whose father, mother grandfather or grandmother was a citizen of Nepal at any time and has subsequently acquired the citizenship of any other foreign country other than a member country of the South Asian Association of Regional Co-operation (SAARC).

Nepali Citizen Residing Abroad:

It means a Nepali citizen who has been residing in any foreign country for at least Two years by doing any profession, occupation, business and employment except a Nepalese citizen residing in a member country of SAARC or Serving in a diplomatic mission or consulate situated in a foreign country under the assignment of the government of Nepal and doing study in an academic institution situated

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